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K-12 Curriculum

As a school committed to excellence, our curriculum is based upon US national standards including the Common Core for English Language Arts and Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards for Science, National Core Arts Standards for Fine and Performing Arts, C3 for Social Studies and AERO Common Core+ for our other specialists courses. As an IB World School we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme for our 11th and 12th grade HS students. The curriculum guides are available below for reference.

Elementary School Curriculum Guides

Mathematics KG2- Grade 5
English Language KG2 - Grade 5
Science /STEM KG2 - Grade 5
Wellness, Health, and Fitness KG2 - Grade 5
Social Studies KG2 - Grade 5
Visual Arts KG2 - Grade 5
Technology K-12
Arabic KG2 - Grade 5
Counseling KG2- Grade 5
Performing Arts Gr.1, Gr.3, Gr.5
Music KG2, Gr.2, Gr.4

Middle School / High School Curriculum Guides

Science (MS)
Science (HS)
Math (MS)
Math (HS)
English/Social Studies (MS)
English (HS)
Social Studies (HS)
Wellness, Health and Fitness (MS/HS)
Arabic (MS)
Arabic (HS)
French (MS/HS)
Spanish (HS)
Music (MS/HS)
Visual Art (MS/HS)
Performing Art (MS/HS)

Diploma Program Curriculum Guides

Group 1 - Studies in Language and Literature
Language and Literature
English Literature Guide
Group 2 - Language Acquisition
Foreign Language ab initio (2013)
Foreign Language ab initio (2012)
Foreign Language B (2013)
Foreign Language B (2012)
Group 3 - Individuals and Society
DP Business and Management
Economics (2013)
Global Politics
Group 4 - Sciences
DP Biology
DP Chemistry
DP Chemistry Data Booklet
DP Physics
DP Physics Data Booklet
Group 5 - Math
Mathematical Studies
Mathematics HL
Mathematics SL
Group 6 - The Arts
DP Theater
Visual Arts
The American International School-Riyadh
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